5 Most Important CPG Key Performance Indicators

Cynthia shares the five most important CPG key performance indicators (KPIs) for using social media to market your consumer packaged goods (CPG) brand.

Hello, I’m Cynthia with Dapper Goat Social Media! Today we’ll discuss the five most important CPG key performance indicators (KPIs).

KPI #1: Response rate

What percentage of users posts did your social media manager respond to?

KPI #2: Response time

On average, how long did it take your social media manager to respond?

KPI #3: Engagement rate

The number of times that users interacted with your social media page.

KPI #4: Key influencers.

Who are the users that most often interact with your social media page?

KPI #5: User activity.

When are your users most often engaging with your social media site?

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