Some Basics of Facebook Advertising Campaigns

facebook advertising campaignsDid you know that that you can launch Facebook advertising campaigns at a budget as low as $1.00 per day? However, your daily budget usually depends on the cost per click (CPC). You must first decide what your budget is and what your goals are.  Then, you can determine what is an effective CPC for your campaign ad.  For instance, if the CPC of your ad is $1.00, and your monthly budget is $500, you must decide if 500 clicks per month will generate sufficient traffic, likes, and engagement at meet your goals.

In this article, we will discuss the various ways in which you can formulate your promotional campaign on Facebook to ensure its effectiveness.

Top Ways to Formulate an Effective Facebook Advertising Campaign

Here are some of the primary considerations that must be kept in mind before planning the concept and design of your Facebook advertising campaign:

  • Define your objectives and plan out your campaign

The first and foremost stage in designing a Facebook advertising campaign is to establish the things you plan to achieve through it. Whether you want to increase your fan base (tribe), generate more web traffic or you just aim at getting higher conversion rates, the goal needs to be finalized first. After the goal has been set, next comes outlining the campaign plan. For this, the ad campaign needs to be split tested (also known as A/B testing). In simple terms, one needs to alter the various components of the ad, one at a time, by keeping the other components static.  Then, test which of the two ads is more effective.  This type of rotation technique allows you to add versatility to your campaign.

  • Base your ad campaigns on CTA (call-to-action)

You may have designed an ad that catches your prospect’s attention.  Great.  But what do you want them to do now?  Specify an action in your ad is called a “call-to-action” (CTA).The design and concept of your campaign should revolve around the CTA. Keep in mind that social media doesn’t work exactly as direct response marketing on the search engines (Google AdWords, for example).  So, on the social media platforms, your audience must have a degree of trust with your brand before they’ll respond in greater number to your CTA.  To overcome this obstacle, it make use of your earlier posts to share information and build trust.

  • Decide on your target audience

Before rolling out your Facebook advertising campaign, decide what your target audience will be. This can be done according to location, age and interests of your fan base. For instance, if you want to target your audience according to their interests, Facebook lists everyone’s interests (likes) in their profile information. So, if your product/service is about football sports accessories, you can easily target people who have mentioned football as their interest in their profile, or have ‘liked’ football. With the help of Facebook’s ‘topic targeting’ feature, you can even broaden your selection. Thus, if you want to include everyone who is interested in sports, just include a ‘#’ symbol when entering the keyword (in this case #sports). However, to make it more specific, type in the particular criteria (such as sports shoe).

However, your work doesn’t end even when the Facebook advertising campaign has been launched. You must take care of the 3Rs – reporting, results and reallocation. This can be managed with Facebook’s Ad Manager Tool.

  • Considerations for your social  media advertising budget

When planning your budget, keep in mind that you have two main expenses: the costs of the ads themselves (paid directly to Facebook), and the costs of researching your target audience, creating ads, split testing, posting ads, monitoring ads and analyzing advertising analytics.  Do you have the appropriate staff for this or is it better to outsource?  Whether you decide to keep it in-house or enlist the services of a social media agency, do allocate the budget not just for buying ads but also for the time it will take to create, implement and monitor your Facebook advertising campaigns.

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