5 Fast Tips on Using Pinterest Marketing For Your Business Or Brand

Cynthia shares 5 five fast tips on Pinterest marketing for business.

Video Transcription

Hello, I’m Cynthia with Dapper Goat Social Media! Today I will give you five tips for using Pinterest to market your brand.

Tip #1: Your customers and competitors are on Pinterest– you probably should be too.

Tip #2: Make your content eye-catching and pin-able. Use only high quality images that show your brand in a unique way.

Tip #3: Great infographics kill it on Pinterest. Have an infographic strategy.

Tip #4: Interact with others on Pinterest as often as possible. Re-pin, like, or mention other items and you’ll find that they’ll return the favor.

Tip #5: Pinterest has SEO benefits because it’s indexed by Google, so always have a keyword and hashtag strategy for your pins.

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